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Sistema de Avaliação, Certificação e Apoio à Utilização de Software para a Educação e a Formação
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"And it´s what makes Friend perfect. There is a balance of expectation of my best self and acceptance of my current self"

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Professor: um lobo solitário?

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I am not a real doctor and am not going to opine about the prevalence of Aspergers/autism spectrum people in the sciences -- but, at least in my corner of academia, working well with other scientists is essential.
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O tempo e a experiência

Nevertheless, painful though the process may be, it is possible to become more impervious to criticism and rejection with time and experience, as long as you keep hurling yourself into the fray and finding ways to cope with the inevitable negative comments (and using those that are relevant/substantive to improve your work). Criticism is a feature of academic life, of course; that's why I have a blog-post label for "criticism or rejection or failure".

If you have been involved in academia (or any career) for awhile, do you feel that you have developed a "thicker" skin over time as a result of the constant judging and evaluation, have you become more sensitive, or have you stayed about the same (whatever that may be: from very fearful of criticism and rejection to quite calm about these things)



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Volume vi, Issue 1
March 8, 2011

The Journal of Chemical Education is proud to introduce an exciting new virtual issue online: The Chemical Adventures of Sherlock Holmes